Web3 Fundamentals

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Blockchain technologies are now more than just a trial run. One area with blockchain technology that has skyrocketed is the area of Web3. Web3 is changing the way the internet is providing services, handling privacy, inciting business model changes and reducing censorship. Web3 is also providing new investment opportunities and new ways using investment capital by staking cryptos and tokens.
In the last few years the Web3 ecosystem has seen significant growth and the introduction of new concepts in software, such as DeFi (decentralized finance), Decentralized Autonomous Organizations(DAO), the Metaverse and NFT's (non-fungible tokens) for representing and trading digital art.
Web3 is built upon smart contracts which requires a new set of software design principles that focus on security and composability.
A Free eBook, Resource Sheet and course materials are available as part of the course.
The Course has broken into three specific sections and has numerous demos, whiteboards and discussions around Web3.

  • Understand why Web3 is one of the hottest areas in demand right now
  • Understand how you get started in Web3 and apply to your business
  • Understand what type of DAOs there are and how you can get started
  • Understand common use cases for Web3 and current Web3 projects
  • Understand the basics of Blockchain and Ethereum.

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